For the sclerotherapy of spider veins, we use the standard therapy of sclerotherapy at Venenzentrum am See. Foam sclerotherapy is employed successfully for smaller varicose veins. In this way, spider veins and smaller varicose veins can be removed gently and sustainably.

Sclerosing spider veins

Although spider veins are harmless in most cases and are therefore often removed for cosmetic reasons, they can sometimes be a symptom of a disease of deeper lying veins.

Therefore, often the first step in spider vein treatment is to check the function of the leg veins by ultrasound examination (duplex sonography). This examination before sclerotherapy of spider veins is reimbursed by your health insurance.

Sclerotherapy to remove spider veins

Sclerotherapy with glycerin chrome alum or alcohol (Aethoxysklerol®) has proven to be the most effective method against spider veins. It is often used for branch varices, reticular varices, spider veins, and residual and recurrent varices. Accordingly, it can be used in many ways for venous disorders.

During sclerotherapy, the affected, damaged vein is punctured with a fine needle. This requires a lot of skill and experience. The drug is then injected into the vein. This ensures that the inner layer of the small vein (endothelium) is specifically damaged in direct contact with the injection. As a result, an inflammatory reaction of the affected vein occurs. The body then breaks these down through repair processes.

Sclerotherapy | Treatment of venous disorders

Sclerotherapy – treatment procedure

The film recording shows in real time how the sclerotherapy treatment proceeds. In the end, you will see a pleasing result – only 4 weeks after the sclerotherapy of the vein.


After sclerotherapy, a compression bandage is applied to enhance the success. Showering is possible immediately after sclerotherapy. After the treatment, you should not sunbathe.


Remove spider veins cost

Since spider veins are a purely cosmetic problem, the costs are not reimbursed by health insurance companies. One session costs between CHF 300 and 450. Usually, several sessions are needed to remove spider veins. At the Venenzentrum am See we will be happy to advise you individually on this.


Possible side effects

During treatment, patients often find tine needle pricks unpleasant. The injection may “burn.” After sclerotherapy, you may experience mild swelling (like mosquito bites) or itching. The healing process usually takes two to four weeks, even longer for larger veins.

Not all spider veins can be treated equally well. Larger veins in particular can lead to brownish discoloration (pigmentation) of the skin, which can persist for months. These discolorations are the result of iron storages in the skin (hemosiderin).

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At Venenzentrum am See, we have specialized in the treatment of vein disorders for about 25 years.


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As an alternative to surgical treatment of venous disorders, we prefer to use minimally invasive procedures.


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The use of minimally invasive procedures allows for outpatient and low-pain treatment.


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Our practice is in a preferred location near the Herrliberg-Feldmeilen train station.

Sclerosing varicose veins through foam sclerotherapy

For the sclerotherapy of medium-sized varicose veins, foam sclerotherapy is used for suitable veins. The treatment procedure is the same as “normal” sclerotherapy – with the difference that the sclerosant is stirred into a fine-bubble, viscous foam before injection.

Foam sclerotherapy can close sclerosed varicose veins for a long time, and the body breaks them down completely over months. However, the success is more limited compared to phlebectomy (removal of side branches with hook method).

Cost sclerotherapy

If you would like to have your troublesome spider veins sclerosed for cosmetic reasons without a deeper-lying varicose vein problem, then you will have to cover the costs yourself. In the case of varicose veins, the cost of sclerotherapy or foam sclerotherapy is covered by your health insurance.

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