Endovenous procedures

In recent years, endovenous thermal ablation and adhesive sealing have become established as new, less invasive methods.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a common condition of the deeper veins, with symptoms ranging from cosmetic problems to serious lifestyle impairment.

Low pain and effective removal of varicose veins

Surgical removal of varicose veins, which was the main treatment method in the last century, is rarely necessary anymore due to its invasiveness and long recovery time. Today, at Venenzentrum am See, we use less invasive, endovenous therapies: radiofrequency therapy (ClosureFast™ / Venefit™ procedure), laser therapy (ELVeS Biolitec®), and adhesive sealing (Venaseal®).

Varicose veins
are no longer removed surgically but are closed with the aid of special catheters. This can eliminate the harmful backflow of blood into the legs. The surgical incision in the groin or popliteal fossa is no longer necessary with endovenous therapies.

The most popular methods today work by applying heat. Heat is applied using radio waves or laser light generated. Another principle is the sealing of the diseased truncal vein with an adhesive.

Typical treatment sequence for endovenous procedures

Common to all the procedures mentioned is that the diseased vein is punctured under ultrasound guidance. A catheter is then inserted into the vein and, in a typical case, advanced to the groin. Ultrasound monitoring ensures the correct positioning of the catheter. A diluted local anesthetic solution (Lidocaine®) is then injected into the tissue around the vein. Subsequently, the vein is either heated by radio waves or laser light, or the diseased vein is treated by sealing it with adhesive.

Which therapy is best for you as a patient varies greatly. Our team of qualified vein specialists ensures the high quality of diagnostic procedures and treatment and provides individualized care that always focuses on you, the patient.

Endovenous procedures at a glance

Endovenous procedures for the treatment of venous disorders

Radio frequency therapy

The principle of the ClosureFast™ procedure is based on the fact that the diseased veins are heated and closed by a catheter with an integrated heating coil.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy

With endovenous thermoablation by laser, the affected, diseased veins are heated and closed by laser energy.

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Sealing with adhesive

With the aid of a catheter, a particularly viscous adhesive is injected into the diseased truncal veins. As a result, the veins are closed quite reliably and at the same time reduced in size.

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