Treat varicose veins and spider veins

The goal is to treat the veins as minimally invasive as possible. We use endovenous methods as often as possible. These are Sclerotherapy or endovenous thermal ablation. The advantage: an outpatient treatment with few risks.

Our vein specialists at the Venenzentrum am See in Felmeilen will be happy to advise you on your options. Sometimes a combination of treatment methods is also necessary to correct your vein disease. Together, we will find the most suitable treatment for you and your needs – so that you can soon return to your everyday life – free of symptoms and in good health.

Diagnostics and examination of venous diseases

The diagnosis and especially the therapy of venous disorders have undergone rapid development in the 21st century. Until a few years ago, elaborate examinations were necessary to get a picture of venous return and the resulting increased blood pressure in the vein.

Under the influence of technical development in medicine as a whole and especially in phlebology (venous medicine), it has come to the application of modern non-invasive hemodynamic and imaging diagnostic techniques.

At Venenzentrum am See, we offer holistic vein clarification using the most modern equipment available. Our specialists have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of vein disorders. This includes the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, phlebitis, and thrombosis. Our vein specialists have a great deal of experience with all current methods of varicose vein treatment.

The most important tool in the diagnosis of diseased veins today is duplex sonography (color-coded ultrasound). It has virtually revolutionized the assessment of the venous system and, in skilled hands, it is an excellent tool for the diagnosis of venous diseases and for monitoring the progress of therapy after treatment.

Our range of services for the treatment of venous disorders

Endovenous procedures for the treatment of venous disorders

Endovenous procedures

In recent years, less invasive endovenous therapy procedures have established themselves as an alternative to surgical removal. In this procedure, a catheter is placed through a stitch in the truncal vein. Under ultrasound guidance, the vein is locally anesthetized so that the vein can be closed with heat.



Side branches of deeper, diseased veins are removed via a so-called phlebectomy. In this procedure, the vein is pulled out with a dedicated hook.

Chemical sclerotherapy


For the sclerotherapy of spider veins, we use liquid sclerotherapy at the Venenzentrum am See. Foam sclerotherapy is used successfully for smaller varicose veins.


Vein stripping

Crossectomy and stripping

In this procedure, an incision is made in the groin, and the veins are dissected. The affected vein is threaded with the help of a wire and pulled out of the tissue. This very invasive method is now only very rarely necessary.

Why us as your vein doctor?


Over 25 years experience

At Venenzentrum am See, we have specialized in the treatment of vein disorders for about 25 years.


Minimally invasive procedures

As an alternative to surgical treatment of venous disorders, we prefer to use minimally invasive procedures.


Fast & uncomplicated appointment

You can quickly and easily make an appointment online or call us.


Outpatient & painless treatment of venous disorders

The use of minimally invasive procedures allows for outpatient and low-pain treatment.


Comprehensive diagnostics & patient education

We offer a holistic vein clarification with the most modern equipment available.


Practice in central location

Our practice is in a preferred location near the Herrliberg-Feldmeilen train station.

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Our vein doctors at Venenzentrum am See specialize in modern minimally invasive methods for treating vein conditions. Benefit from our many years of experience and expertise and let our competent team advise and treat you.