Endovenous Laser Ablation (ELVeS radial™)

At the beginning of the century, thermal ablation using laser energy caused more side-effects than the use of radiofrequency. However, Biolitec® has introduced a new type of diode laser with a wave length of 1470 nm and a radial (360°) emission of laser light, providing a significantly improved treatment outcome, now similar to radiofrequency.

ELVeS Biolitec®

An ELVeS Radial 2ring™ fibre is preferred for the treatment of diseased saphenous veins, whereas the slim™ fibre is designed to treat superficial venous reflux on perforator veins.
In our clinic, laser is used preferentially for thermal ablation of short refluxing vein segments, for example in the treatment of recurrent varicose veins.