Sclerotherapy of spider veins

Sclerotherapy with glycerol (Sclérémo®) or alcohol (Aethoxysklerol®) is the most effective method for the treatment of spider veins. Minute quantities of these fluids are injected into the vein lumen. This damages the innermost layer of the vein wall (intima). Successfully treated spider veins are blocked by tiny clots and then degraded by the organism. Compression bandages or stockings are not a necessity. The time required for treatment depends on the extent of the findings. Usually, more than half of the treated spider veins vanish after each session. Several sessions are often indicated in order to obtain good results. Spider veins are not a medical, but a cosmetic problem. Therefore, the costs are not covered by health insurers. We usually charge 450 CHF for a session of 45 minutes.

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