Prof. Dr. med. Markus Enzler

Prof. Dr. Markus Enzler
  Born in Walenstadt (SG), primary school at Lachen (SZ)
  Grammar school in Feldkirch (Austria) and Schwyz
1968 Matura (Typ B, Schwyz)
1968 - 1975 Medical studies at Geneva and Zurich Universities
1976 Promotion (Uni Bern)

Professional Activities:
Prof. Dr. Markus Enzler
1976 Doctor of Medicine, Bern University
Surgical training: Basel University Hospital and Ospedale Italiano, Lugano
Vascular surgical training: Kantonsspital St. Gallen - Loma Linda University Hospital, California – Zurich University Hospital, Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK
1995 + 1997 Vascular Surgical Consultant at Zurich University Hospital (1995) and Klinik Hirslanden (1997)
1997 - 2010 Vascular Surgical Practice at Klinik Hirslanden
since 2005 VenenZentrum am See
2001 - 2003 President, Swiss Vascular Surgical Society
since 2002 Titular Professor, Zurich University
2004 - 2007 President, Union of Swiss Societies for Vascular Diseases
2007 - 2012 Executive committee member, European Society for Vascular Surgery

German Mother toungue
English Excellent
French Very good
Italian Very good
Spanish Good
Russian Examen TELC B1

Scientific Publications:
~ 100, thereof 60 listed by US Library of Medicine